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Delivering quality legal solutions to clients and lawyers in Peru

QUEST LEGAL offers legal solutions to clients and lawyers through innovative services.

Matching Clients with Lawyers

We help clients connect with a wide network of highly qualified lawyers in Peru to deal with their legal problems

Case Management

We manage the development of legal cases from beginning to end,  seeking to ensure expedite procedures at both legal and administrative courts  and facilitating clear and ongoing communication between clients and lawyers.

We focus on keeping our clients and partner lawyers permanently informed about their case details.


Fees and Time Reductions

We offer the most competitive professional fees in the market, specially focusing on providing solutions within the lowest possible timeframe.

Making Law Simple

We master the legal language in both Spanish and English, so we can have it interpreted in an easy and simple way for our clients to understand.

How does it work?

For Clients


When you submit your request, Quest Legal will find a list of lawyers who best match your requested profile from within our wide network of successful lawyers.



Quest Legal will perform a diagnosis of your case and will choose from within our wide network and information of successful lawyers in order to create a customised proposal for you.



Our innovative service will help you choose the best lawyer and will accompany you throughout the development of your legal solution, facilitating the communication with your lawyer.


Start your request here and a Quest Legal project manager will contact you.

For Lawyers


What do we offer you?


1.Case Management

Our service offers you the essential tools to correctly and promptly manage your services, accompanying you to deliver the best legal solution and a quality service to your client.



We optimise the communication channels with your client according to your needs, making them effective, fluent and ongoing. This also includes overcoming language barriers through translation and interpretation services.


3.Profile Promotion

Quest Legal will promote your professional profile within the largest number of clients who are looking to connect with lawyers with your legal expertise.


Join our legal network and become a Quest Legal lawyer today. Please send your Resume to: and fill the form.


Quest Legal helps clients with setting up businesses in Peru and throughout the development of their business activity. We provide corporate legal advice in commercial operations and transactions in Peru, including the implementation of good corporate governance policies. Quest Legal also helps you with corporate bodies’ resolutions and agreements, investment matters, corporate restructuring procedures and capital increases & reductions, as well as carrying out all notary and registration procedures.

Family law

Family relationships can become nuanced over time. We listen to our clients needs and concerns to identify the target outcome. Whether they require help to successfully navigate their separation and subsequent divorce, settling their rights concerning the care of their children, defining or handling alimony or child support obligations, reach a financial settlement, or other family issues, we can definitely respond to their situation.

We assist individuals and corporate entities address their legal needs in high stakes criminal litigation and government investigations.
Our experience and work ethics can certainly maximise the clients chances of  getting a favourable outcome. 

We maintain effective and ongoing communication channels between local lawyers and clients that could be otherwise affected by language barriers, as well as providing  the necessary communication with their respective next of kins or Embassies when required. ​


Living, studying or working in Peru can be exciting but the actual process arranging employment, student and visa papers can sometimes be confusing, discouraging and stressful. We assist our clients by providing a range of visa options for which a variety of forms and supporting documents are required.

legal procedures

We understand that carrying out administrative and legal procedures before local and governmental bodies can be very burdensome in Peru. Quest Legal can accompany you throughout the procedures and/or represent you before the authorities if required. This includes drafting of documents, reports, applications, among others.

contracts law & project tendering

Quest Legal assesses the best contract schemes for your business activity, taking into account your business needs and ensuring that corporate activities are performed according to our legal framework.

Our firm also advises clients during public & private bids for business projects, such as for the purchase of goods, rendering of services and construction of projects. We therefore take part on consultation phases, proposal reviews and assist in contracts negotiation and contracts award stage. We also provide legal advice during the development and execution of the respective project.


We are fully bilingual lawyers who deliver translation services in any type of legal or technical documents (both in Spanish to English and English to Spanish). This includes certified and official translations.

Labor LAW

Would you like to better know your employment benefits and rights in Peru? We provide legal advice on sensitive severance issues and boardroom disputes, class and collective actions, corporate governance and whistleblower claims and more standard disciplinary and grievance issues. Our experts can also help you with collective bargaining issues including trade union recognition and negotiations.


Eduardo Thais

Founder and Senior Partner

Eduardo founded Quest Legal in 2014 drawing on extensive on-the-ground experience of the challenges locals and foreigners face when engaging and dealing with lawyers.

Most recently, Eduardo worked for ten years as a legal and policy adviser to foreign governments in Peru. Formerly, he worked as a legal adviser on resource industries for the Peruvian private and public sector.

He holds postgraduate specialization in international criminal and family law, foreign investment in extractive industries, immigration and labor law and international trade.

The latter has led him to successfully work in a number of projects to address trade and business barriers for private companies in Peru. He has also worked in legal and technical translations for twenty years.


Eduardo is a Peruvian licensed lawyer with a Juris Doctor diploma from the University of Lima with overseas specialization training programs held in Australia, Korea and the U.S.

Marianne denegri

Senior Partner

Marianne is a Senior Partner in Quest Legal who brings to the firm her international background and expertise. She has fifteen years of legal professional experience in international engineering & construction firms, energy and mining consultancy firms, as well as local and international corporate contracts experience, both as in-house counsel and in law firms. Her in-house legal expertise has enabled her to develop a strong commercial focus, making her understand the various legal needs and risks a business envisages by first-hand experience. Marianne is a British Peruvian citizen who has also studied and worked in the UK for seven years and is fully bilingual at a native level. This international exposure enabled her to work in multicultural working environments, enabling her identify the various legal needs of foreigners and businesses in foreign countries.


Marianne is a Peruvian qualified lawyer from the University of Lima and holds an LLM in International Commercial Law and a Diploma in English Common Law from the University of Nottingham (UK).

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